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Meetings on the Bridge | Bill François

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Bill François

THALES + FRIENDS continues its activities with a series of video interviews with leading personalities from science, literature and art.

The group’s initiative titled “Meetings on the Bridge” – an allusion to bridging the gap between science and various forms of cultural activity – continues with French writer and physicist Bill François’ interview with journalist George Karouzakis.

With a degree in physics and a great love for the underwater world, Bill François graduated from the École normale supérieure and then devoted himself to research in hydrodynamics.

Participating and winning prizes in rhetoric competitions, such as the television competition Le Grand Oral (France 2), brought him into contact with another world, the world of words. Bill François shares with us his great love for the underwater world and for words, and takes us into the vortex of a delightful narrative that aims to convey his passion for the protection of the oceans.

Meetings on the bridge – THALES + FRIENDS

Scientific Editor: Tefkros Michaelides

Journalistic editor: George Karouzakis

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