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Meetings on the Bridge | Loren Graham, Jean-Michel Kantor

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THALES + FRIENDS is a not-for-profit organization based in Greece that works to bridge the chasm between mathematics and other forms of cultural activities.

To achieve its goals, THALES + FRIENDS works to create opportunities for interdisciplinary research and communication through lectures, discussions, publications, and reading groups.

THALES + FRIENDS continues its activities with a series of interviews with leaders in various fields.

American historian of science and author Mr. Loren Graham and mathematician and author Mr. Jean-Michel Kantor speak with author and mathematician Mr. Tefcros Michaelides. The interview is part of the Meetings on the Bridge initiative, which bridges the chasm between mathematics and various forms of cultural activities.

Loren Graham was born in 1933 in Indiana. He is an American historian of science and is considered the leading scholar of Russian science outside Russia. For nearly fifty years he wrote books and articles on this subject and taught at Indiana University, Columbia University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, where he is professor emeritus of the history of science and associate research fellow.

Jean-Michel Kantor was born in 1946. He is a French mathematician and historian of mathematics at the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu in Paris, a researcher and senior lecturer at the CNRS and a member of the literary journal “La Quinzaine Littéraire”.

Meetings on the Bridge

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